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The Consul General's Wife

The Consul General's Wife - Aliefka Bijlsma
1. Did the plot pull you in or did you feel you had to force yourself to read the book?
I really wanted to like this book, there were so many good things about it but there were numerous sections where I felt I had to pry my eyes open just to keep up with the story. Explanations were lengthy, descriptions were long-winded and as beautiful as the backgrounds were, it just wasn't captivating enough.

2. How realistic was the characterization? Did the actions of the characters seem plausible?
The characters seemed plausible but the characters appear to have been dissected too much. I would have preferred a more emotional connection with each character than to be a given a robotic breakdown.

3. How does the setting figure into the book? Does it come to life? Did you feel you were experiencing the time and place in which the book was set?
The settings were beautiful. The author has either visited the place herself or has done some very extensive research on the settings. I felt like I didn't to fly to Brazil, she opened my eyes to all its charm.

4. What are some of the book's themes? How important were they?
I think one of the main themes appear to be power and feminism. You strong female characters who appear 'almost trodden' because they are not men. I liked the way the author played on these symbolisms and themes.

5. Did the book end the way you expected?
Mostly, yes. Although, I would have preferred for the story in general to have more twists and turns.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this novel from the author which did not affect my honest opinion.