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Some Are Sicker Than Others

Some Are Sicker Than Others - Andrew Seaward Make a list of facts you learned from the story

Monte was a engineer. Dave was a volleyball coach. Vicky and Monte went to AA meetings. Dave was married to Cheryl. Cheryl was a attorney. Vicky and Cheryl had children. Monte and Angie tried to commit suicide. Angie had children. Monte and Vickie were forced off the road by Dave. They went off into a frozen lake. Vicky drown, Monte couldn't save her. Her legs were caught under the dash. Monte, Dave and Angie were all sent to rehab at The Sanctuary. Dave finally told Dexter and Monte about the wreck.

Top 3 things I liked about the main character –

I can’t really pick one favourite character because they all seemed to lend a strong voice to the story.

Is the story plot or character driven?

It is character driven.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.