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Abandon - Stephanie Dorman
1. Did the plot pull you in or did you feel you had to force yourself to read the book?
I didn't have to force myself to read the book but the story didn't seem to gel together enough to flow smoothly. Some parts appeared jerky and other parts appeared very cliche. In other words, there didn't seem to be anything outstanding or unique about this book.

2. How realistic was the characterization? Did the actions of the characters seem plausible?
The romance bits seemed almost natural and plausible but the end of the world bits were exaggerated beyond belief.

3. How does the setting figure into the book? Does it come to life? Did you feel you were experiencing the time and place in which the book was set?
The author made most parts seem realistic enough but some seemed under-developed. For instance, if the world were coming to an end, you would expect a slightly bigger outlook or description on the entire community instead of just two people.

4. What are some of the book's themes? How important were they?
I would like to say loss because I felt this should have been a central theme with the world coming to an end but the author put a lot of emphasis on love and romance which I'm not sure was very effective for the overall story.

5. Did the book end the way you expected?
Yes, it did. The cliche's all came together and you knew what to expect. Still, a very good attempt for a debut novel.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this novel from the author which did not affect my honest opinion.